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Pinkish parallel growth Albite xl. 9mmx5mm. Collected at the Beryl Pit, Quadville, Ont. Aug/09.

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Frances A Lindblad Comment by Frances A Lindblad on August 26, 2020 at 12:32pm
Hey Andrew...I would not even call myself "amateur", I just like rocks of all types and find even some lowly samples have interesting qualities about them. Most of the stones and rocks in my photo albums are found locally, except for the dinosaur bone, which I found in Florida (Gulf side) as a kid. I do try to add a location in my description.
The two epidotes were found in my neighborhood, one at the Little Etobicoke Creek and the other was dug up by the City doing work on my street. It was covered in mud (the red one) when I picked it up. It was heavier than other stones I was handling, that caught my attention. When I washed the mud off I was very pleasantly surprised. When I found the other this Spring in the creek bank (the orange one) I was intersted in finding out what they were. That is when I found this site. I was the 32nd member to join.
Most of my finds are well weather wore and I am very aware they are worn from glacial movement and being washed along the creek by rushing water.
If you really want to see the flow patterns of the the Canadian Shield, use Google Earth. There is nothing better than a bird's eye view. I have even found the Oil Fields mentioned by Dan Hausel in his Opal dialogues.
I keep meaning to take more photos of the minerals I find because some are unusual in their shape and composition.

Happy rock hounding!

Andrew Johns Comment by Andrew Johns on August 20, 2020 at 10:05pm
Hi Frances, this type of crystal was found in a small vug of a larger mass of Albite. These type of crystals are formed in a Pegmatic environment called a Pegmatite. It would be unlikely you would find anything like this around the Mississauga area. Mostly Limestone would be in our area of the Golden Horseshoe. You could find Fluorite, Calcite, Dolomite, Sphalerite and Quartz mainly, some in crystal form. What minerals are you finding in your neighborhood?? It is possible that the moving and retreating of the glaciers millions of years ago have deposited some from the Canadian Shield but they wouldn't be in xl form like the Albite in my pic anymore. The friction of the glaciers would destroy a mineral with a low hardness or it would be like a polished stone if it had a high hardness. You can find large boulders of Granite in farm fields or elsewhere and if you smashed it open you may find some things, all depends where it came from and what type of geological journey it took. I agree with you about the field zones. You should really go up to Bancroft or anywhere along the Canadian Shield, it's amazing just to look at the rock formations, thrusting and folding and the intense pressure it must have taken. I stand there and imagine what it would have been like when it was happening. Must have been intense. It's also amazing to stand on the Eagles nest lookout in Bancroft and see the rolling hills. Those hills used to be Mountains larger than the Rockies. Now we are standing in the Basement of the formation. It's amazing what ice and pressure can do. Who said mountains can't be moved? They were removed..anyway I'm rambling, I'm still an amateur rockhound/ geologist who just can't get enough. anymore question I can answer I will, if I can't I'll find out. I've only been doing this 1.5 yrs but there is so much more to learn.

Cheers, Andrew. Glad you like my specimens.
Frances A Lindblad Comment by Frances A Lindblad on August 20, 2020 at 1:28pm
Andrew...Would it be safe to say that samples found in this natural crystal form are indigenous to the area they are found? I have never had the opportunity to go to a mine or pit to look. All the rocks, stones and such I find are "wild" so to speak, as I find them as I walk around my neighborhood and sometimes when the City digs up the street. I have a creek near my home that has "new offerings" after each heavy rain. I infrequently find minerals in crystal form and when I do, it puzzles me, they seem extremely out of place. Most of what I find is weather worn. I am aware that the area in which I live is also a glacially deposited zone. I have read about "strew field zones" and don't discount these have something to do with what I find.
You always have interesting samples to share. I agree with descriptions and dimensions included with uploaded pics, otherwise I would think this sample would be bigger than it actually is. I also think in focus photos are important.


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