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Hello all, I'm going to ask this once again as I think its beneficial to the site progressing forward. If you post a pic could you please type in what we are looking at. There is a spot for describing minerals etc when you post a pic. There just seems to be many pictures of nice specimens etc and no description. Am I alone in this matter?? Not everyone in a seasoned Geologist..

Thanks Andrew


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I agree with you Andrew, I really like to know what I'm looking at, as well as any other info that goes with it....the size, where it came from etc.

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Hi Andrew and Marion

I too would love to a description when pic is posted! If your not sure of the type that is fine, just say were it was found or any other information you may have. In some cases a ruler or coin in the photo also helps show size well. This is a great learning process for anyone and every little bit helps!

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