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Frances A Lindblad

Market Research for Small Business feasibility

Good Day Fellow Rockhounds
I am in the process of doing market research to show there is a market wanting the product I design and fabricate. Most everyone wears or owns some type of personal adornment.
I like my jewellery to be unique. I love being a Silversmith and jewellery artisan.
Becoming a member of this website has opened an avenue to Canadian stones and gems. I hope to do business with some of you in the future. I would love to use Canadian found stones in my Canadian made jewellery. I am not looking for perfect, I am looking for unusual, visually interesting "jewels" for my jewellery.
I am interested in finding out how any of you sell the things you find or make. My primary interest is to sell my jewellery but I see I can help others in the process, I just need to think BIG enough.
My ultimate goal is to open a store/studio/gallery or even a museum to exihibit collections. There is nothing like it where I live. There are too many Galleries in Toronto and I live in WestGTA. We are growing as a City and need more culture. Every one paints and I have been looking for local galleries to sell my work but nothing exists in Mississauga for jewellery/metal artists. I want to be the First!
I have a time limit for doing this market research for the program I am attempting to gain access to, so a prompt reply would be very nice. I need to find, want to find "the other communities" that will benefit. Just because I have Post Secondary education doesn't mean I wasn't a "handi-crafter" at some point in my life.
BUT...I know what you all do can be more than a mere hobby. As Rockies you all have a passion lost in the real art world. I suppose in a way I am endeavoring to start a Community outside of this virtual site. Any ideas or interest is greatly appreciated.
All the best in your rock hounding and arts,


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Hi Opening a small jewellery store can be a hard task.
I know, been there done that, and still here doing that.
Want to talk give my office a call one day.
Too much to say and type on this topic.

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