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Found some interesting stuff today in the unlikeliest of places. Was in a small town (Wetaskiwin, Alberta)second hand shop and left with a five gallon pail of fossils and pet. wood. Apparently it came from the home of a local area lapidary fan and there were originally 86 pails of the stuff that had been sold off piece bt piece over the past twenty years. Treasure is where you find it.


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Actually Kevin, second hand stores, flea markets and even garage sales are very good places to find such things as minerals, rocks, and what you found. It's usually a bonus as their not lookin for profit and you pay little.

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I guess it depend on where you are in the country. I've hit second ahdn stores, garage sales etc for years in search of other treausure and never come across anything ... alternatively I guess ... perhaps because I was looking for something else I never noticed the rock pile. I'll be watching in my travels

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