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Initially when I moved to Evansburg, Alberta I never knew much about the history of the area. But lately I am kind of sorry I have to sell my house as the Evansburg/Entwistle area use to be home to several mining companies mining slate in the Pembina gorge. Apparently, from what others have told me you can find diamonds and gold along the river basin.

Kind of a shame I have to move, but such is life. I do not think all the people every year that tube down the river ever look up why there is such an impressive trestle bridge and the true back ground of the area.


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Hi Evan. I just joined today after searching for places to collect near Ontario. My husband and I have been collecting for many (over 35) years and if when we were young and we had known what you just posted about we would have driven out there in a flash to explore. Now that we are both retired on disabilities we can't charge around as easily and have animals to take care of, so we have a lot of cravings to rockhound. We were never more than poor amateurs at collecting, but between trying hard when we travelled anywhere, and buying samples here and there we have managed to get a fairly nice collection that we love to look at quite often. We just acquired a used faceting machine recently and hope to try playing around with some of the semi-precious pieces we have collected and purchased over the years. We used to do some other lapidary work but have let things lapse for several years. Exploring in this area has become sparse where there is anything where people are allowed to go. Most of the good sites have been closed to collectors because of insurance issues.

Just in case we could find a way to get another trip in, could you please let me know if you have any detailed information on the area and if you know anything about accessibility? Maybe we could take a trip out that way next Spring if we are still alive and mobile. I can just imagine how you feel at not being able to explore the area. Are you going anywhere else that sounds promising?

Hope to hear back from you,

Linda Tingley

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I am not sure who Evan is. I thing you probably need some mobility to get down to the gorge and hunt. But I think you can drive down to the provincial park drive and then get to the stream.

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Hello Cam,
Well, I feel kind of stupid. I guess I was looking at the name of the town and at your last name and somehow because of sleep deprivation my brain misfired.
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, and so fast. I shall try to do some digging for further information from the link you supplied.
Good luck with your move.

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