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Does anybody know who will buy platinum & gold dust in Canada?


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You may want to try:

Imperial Smelting & Refining Co. of Canada Ltd.
Canadian Head Office: ph~ 1.800.263.1669 or fax~ 1.800.827.4779
Vancouver Office: ph~ 1.800.663.0455 or fax~ 604.685.0103
Rhode Island Office: ph~ 1.877.795.5060 or fax~ 1.877.455.0651

I hope that gives you some direction.


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Good question. I have various little bottles with gold fleck and flour and wonder what to do with it. Also people who pan in Fraser area often have platinum (I have one little button).

Have you refined yours down with mercury or whatever? Paulette

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The address I provided for Imperial Smelting is where I purchase sterling silver wire and sheet to make my jewellery. I suppose I should have included their website address too. I do believe they may have a weight requirement, as I have to save all my silver fillings and bits of scrap. "Scrap silver" is an oxi-moron, as I have fashioned lovely jewellery from the "scrap" in my sweeps tray.


How about "I buy your gold" Russel Oliver? lol

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