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After the completion of my graduation degree, I eagerly took admission in MBA thinking that I would do it as I did my graduation. But it was quite wrong when I was assigned to write MBA dissertation. And I realized it that MBA dissertation was the last stumbling block in my way to get MBA degree. I started writing MBA dissertation because I was waiting to get closer and closer to get through MBA and start my professional career. Well, my dreams shattered when I faced the reality. Yes, I admit that MBA dissertation writing made toil till I completed. I almost became a social outcast while I was writing my MBA dissertation. But it really gave me valuable information and experience and I gathered quite comprehensive guidelines while researching through different sources.

1. Consider the area of study in which you are most interested.
2. Get others’ MBA dissertations to read relating to your MBA dissertation topic.
3. Choose the style you would like to follow in you MBA dissertation such as a business plan, report, case study or a blend of these themes.
4. Define the topic or problem precisely which you will elaborate in your MBA dissertation.
5. Research is the basic tool to succeed in writing your dissertation. Therefore you need to lay special emphasis on 6. research methods. Learn accurate guidelines of qualitative and quantitative research methods.
7. Outline the whole MBA dissertation with a logical sequence such as introduction, body and conclusion.
8. Finalize what research methodology you would use and what resources your need to do the research.
9. Make questionnaires. They are extremely useful to examine and gather good literature and elaborate in the 10. discussion part of your MBA dissertation.
10. Collect all the research data and take out the irrelevant data so you can focus only on what is useful and needed.
11. It is time to utilize the narrowed down collected data in the discussion part of the MBA dissertation. Here you have to present the assessment of it.
12. Under the light of assessment, you need to give possible solutions of the discussed problem.
13. The next task is to make a conclusion.
14. It is time to revise and edit your MBA dissertation so that you can make it error-free dissertation.
15. Write the bibliography in one particular format such as APA or MLA.
Make the appendices.

I hope these tips will help you complete your MBA dissertation right on time. But you also need to take quick actions. Procrastination will never let you complete your MBA dissertation ever.

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