Connect to people around the world who share the same interests as you!

I've been on this site for a month plus and made a few comments and wowed some rocks and offered local info to people considering coming my way.

Responses? zip. zero.

It is not a very encouraging start to, "connect to people around the world who share the same interests as you!" Even a "yup" or "no I think its something else" would be, well, something....

I'm not expecting a dating site or hand-holding or the divulging of secret spots.

Disgrunted Rockie (Paulette Egeli)

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Comment by Shirley Moreau on June 22, 2020 at 10:48am
Hello Paulette
I would have to agree with you! I joined about a month ago as well and started a blog with little response! Perhaps I need to come up with something more exciting! I too have set up my own work shop at home and am constantly adding new (opps I guess I should say used and inexpensive) machines to my work area! I am a member of the Barrie Gem and Mineral Society. We have lots of fun at meeting showing of our latest finds and I'm learning alot about the hobby!
In my general area (within a 3 hour radius) you can find Garnet, blue beryl, green Apatite, Rose Quartz, Smoky quartz, Silver, Amazonite, Calcite and Peristerite with a lovey blue flash when you cut it just right! There are a lot of other minerals of course but I can't remember them all! Any way if you every come up this way I will tell you where to look!
Hope you won't give up on this site just yet! If we all try to respond once in a while it could be a very interesting site!
Keep rocking! Shirley
Paulette Egeli Comment by Paulette Egeli on June 22, 2020 at 12:27pm
Shirley - Thanks for the encouraging words.

Your local collecting sounds fabulous. I had to look up peristerite (another beautiful feldspar). I don't think that Barrie (BC?) is on the route, but my husband and I are collecting and looking along Highway 3 with a midpoint destination of the Rock Candy Mine in Grand Forks and then onward to visit my daughter in Alberta. He is likes a beaver - he cuts anything and everything and I was hassling him (why do you cut 5 pieces off every rock???) when he showed me a beautiful piece of nearly black rock with ribbons of rhodonite and brown. It looks like a midnight with northern lights scene. (we didn't collect it - it was a rock club picnic give-away but probably from Hill 61.)

I'm thinking that I'll get a genie (for my birthday, when we find one used...) and then the shaping and such can begin in ernest. I've used our clubs' equipment (Courtenay Rock and Gem and also Ripple Rock Club [Campbell River] but its a hassle to go when the shops are open as I still work full time. Terry has rebuilt 3 rock saws and is working on a grinder - he's a great rock partner and co-adventurer.

If you come to Vancouver Island we also would show or tell you what and where to look.

Comment by Shirley Moreau on July 18, 2020 at 2:17pm
Hi again Paulette

We will be heading out next week to a blue sodalite mine and then on to dig for apatite crystals with my rock group! Staying over night at a hotel and then on for more collecting in the Bancroft area. the following week is the Rockhound Gemboree in Bancroft. Its billed as the larges gem and mineral show in Canada. I loving going to this as it has something for every collector, you also meet a lot of with new information on where to collect.
Will write back if I find anything exciting!
By the way did you find anything interesting on your trip to Alberta?
Your friend Shirley from Ontario
Comment by Marion Conger on July 21, 2020 at 1:14pm
Hello Shirley, I'm new to this site (& hobby). My nine year has developed a passion for "rocks" of all kinds. We are going to the Bancroft show too (last time was eons ago, but remember it was great). Where around Bancroft is a good place to go with young kids? Rock farm or Princess Sodalite Mine??? I'll have to do some research. It is rather addictive, already I'm stopping by the roadside, just for rocks for my garden.
hoping the rain takes a break next week,
Paulette Egeli Comment by Paulette Egeli on July 23, 2020 at 11:08pm
Hello Shirley - Terry and I are still in Alberta - we did the hike up to the Rock Candy Mine in Grand Forks - switch backs with 1000 feet of elevation. Did I say I am fat and recently 61 years old? Well that's true but what also is true that I trucked my pack full of fluorite (maybe 50/60 lbs) down the switch-backs and got it back to our vehicle. Where I had trembling legs but no heart attack or major problems. We have been giving some away as we travel - traded with a neat woman who has a claim and mines quartz crystals near Crowsnest Pass and some people we found on the back roads where Phoenix BC used to be - an entire mountain stripped off for copper/gold/silver mine (open pit). We picked up a weird mineral that might or might not be galena - very silvery and smooth (not like galena that has cubic cleavage).

Anyway - we are having fun. Went into a rock store in Banff and realized what people pay for things that we have in our stack in the backyard. Could resist buying some labradorite (probably spelled wrong) with good schiller (also probably spelled wrong). Heading home tomorrow, may stop at the upper Fraser.

I know I am lucky to be living my life.
Frances A Lindblad Comment by Frances A Lindblad on August 2, 2020 at 3:57am
Hello Paulette, Shirley and new friend Marion,

I remember when you joined. I came here and joined looking for information about two green rocks I had found. They turned out to be a simple epidote but they are still beautiful to me.

I like posting photos here. We get busy or think someone else will write. Well here we are now.

I would like to start by stating that my name is really Frances. I was having problems with some one on Facebook and needed a place different to hang out. Since I love rocks and stones, gems and minerals, this place suited well. Now I am figuring how I can utilize it best. I am trying to get interest in my jewellery, as I want to start a home based business. I am also very interested in using Canadian gems (just about anything shiny). Knowing the provenance of a gem only adds to its uniqueness. I don't have equipment to polish. It sounds as if you do though. I would love to see your finished gems.

I had extended an invitation at Marion's page, to members liking to have something they have found set in a piece of jewellery. It doesn't necessarily need to be polished. I am designing a ring with three Muskoka shoreline raw crystals my son found for me. Well he actually found about a hundred 5mm and larger clear glassy plebs. A little worn, a little shiny schiller ( the spell check does not recognize this word, it is spelled correct)showing in places. I think they would lose their character if they were tumbled. And I like the challenge of designing a unique setting to suit their shapes.

My new work is much cleaner than what I did in school. The rings I have completed recently have nice twisted vine bands and one is set with an agate, one an amethyst, and two with pearls. One of the pearls is a canine pearl, long and narrow, the other a copper colour.

I hope you ladies all having a safe and fun long weekend.

Comment by Shirley Moreau on August 2, 2020 at 11:24pm
hello ladies

I got back from the bancroft show. wow! I bought lots of new material to work with( now to find some time!

Ironically Paulette I too bought some nice pieces of labradorite from labrador. I have been after the dealer for months to get some in! He finally remembered and I bought 6 pounds to polish.

Hello Frances I checked out some of your work its very nice! I presently wrap my stones in gold or silver wire.I have taught afew classes (for free) just for the experience! Now I have a small kiln but still need to study up on how to use it. When I figure out how to transfer some pics I will post them.

I took my group to the Bear lake area and found a 2 inch titanite crystal its my best find of the summer so far! We are returning to Quadeville ( opps I think thats spelled wrong) on the 16th to go to the Rose Quartz Mine and then on to the Beryl Pit. I think I am going to need more storage space somewhere!!!!

Keep Rock hounding!
Paulette Egeli Comment by Paulette Egeli on August 3, 2020 at 12:04pm
Rose quartz mine, beryl pit...drool. I'm back to looking at our local flowerstone (feldspar porphyry) and Dallasite (brecciated basalt cemented with white quartz and "decorated" with epidote. I am promising myself and anyone who will listen that I WILL find my round to it and start wire wrapping again this winter (when the little rocks are all covered in snow). This is an inspiring place to talk to people. (Now) Paulette
Comment by Marion Conger on August 3, 2020 at 1:39pm
Hi Paulette, just thought I'd mention re: the "Barrie" that Shirley referred to in an older post, I believe she meant Barrie, Ontario. This site is now one of daily checks, along with my emails. The computer can really take up time, even when it's enjoyable, it too is rather addictive!
Comment by Shirley Moreau on August 3, 2020 at 3:19pm
Wow two comments added since last night! We are on a roll.

Paulette if you send me your address to I would be happy to send you instructions on making a wire wrapped ring as its one of my favorite designs and its quit easy! It may take me afew days but I'll will send it!

What do you use silver or gold? I mainly use silver myself as gold is a little to expensive for me!

I just finished a opal ring for my mom, she just loves it! But being my mom she loves anything I make, no matter how it turns out!

Hi Marion did you have a chance to go to Coe Hill gold. Its a has a fishing pond too in front of the store and is great when the kids loss interest in the stones. I can continue to look through his stuff for hours. He has good prices as well!

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