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Well, we're back from Bancroft and I want to go back. Since I left it so late, could only find a one night accomodation. We went to the Princess Sodalite shop/rock farm, where we bought some rocks and "farmed" some more. Also went to the CN rock pile where my (9 yr old) daughter and I spent some time looking for treasures. Alot of pretty stuff! The van was quite weighed down on the way home! (Though I justify that by saying, we were one teenager less than usual, so the rocks didn't quite weigh as much as she would have!)
We went to the Gemboree on the first day, lot's to see, and some good finds there.
I have to say my favourite part was the "hunting" part of the trip, the show was good to see, but I definately want to go on field trips! Would like to hook-up with other people who know what to look for and learn about this. It's just like a treasure hunt! Absolutely amazing how beautiful rocks are. Have to learn to be more selective though, I brought so many rocks home and now...........what do I do with them? Any ideas? Yes, small spectacular rocks could be made into jewellery.....but the ones that are too large for that and too small to use in the to display them? I put a few into a large wooden bowl on the table, smaller ones in a clear vase on the window sill, some around candles on a tray..........any ideas?
Thanks to all who have given me advice, tips is much appreciated!
Rock on!


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