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Hello all!!

Just returned today from the Bancroft area of Ontario. Made it to Craigmont Mtn and the Burgess Mine to look for some Corundum.. Corundum from the region is either barrel shaped or pencil like crystals.. I managed to find some small ones at Craigmont, a bluish color and a brown color. At Burgess I found a nice barrel shaped bronze colored xl about 4cmlong. Just a note, I found more Corundum at Burgess. Craigmont has been well picked over for many years so collecting can be spotty or very hard. Removing a 5 cm xl from Syenite is very difficult without damaging it.. so I just left it. Better to look at a nice xl than to destroy it right? I also managed a day at the Beryl Pit, it was about 90 degrees and could hardly see with the sweat pouring into my eyes. I did however, find some nice pyrite cubes, what I believe to be clear Apatite xls on an Albite matrix? Haven't tested it yet. Also went to an area similar to the Bear Lake Diggings. Got some nice large single terminated green Apatites, hornblende xls and some nice Mica books.
.. never found any Titanites though, not sure why? there was some nicely bladed green Actinolite and in some samples a very nice blue there as well. So, I had 3 days of collecting out of 7. I had to spend some time with the Family as well, you know the beach thing and other side trips.. what a great week weather wise, FINALLY!! Oh, I should have some pics soon. Still lickin my wounds from the deer flies and mosquitos..




Comment by Marion Conger on August 20, 2020 at 11:06pm
Sounds like you had a productive trip all around. Can't wait to see the pics. Sounds like this is more than a hobby, you sound very knowledgeable. Be sure to post the pics of the pyrite cubes please!
Andrew Johns Comment by Andrew Johns on August 21, 2020 at 9:02pm
Yeah Marion, it's an obsession now, I can't stop. Everytime I collect I find something different. The xl I thought was Apatite in Albite Matrix was actually a micro of parallel growth Albite xls in an larger Albite. The smaller xls were found in a vug. I don't want to be a micro collector but the smaller xls are better formed and prettier in most cases. I will be sure to get pics of the Pyrites when I get a nice sunny day to photo them. Hopefully on Sunday..
Comment by Shirley Moreau on September 22, 2020 at 10:18pm
Hi Andrew
I finally thought to check this site again as its been an extremely busy summer. Love the pics! I really enjoy seeing pics of people out collecting!!! You are right about it becoming an obsession. My husband luckily has a 4 wheel drive truck that he is willing to drive anywhere! We actually drove it down a 2 and a half km trail to the silver crater mine! Scary but fun. Sadly I wasted to much time in the wrong area looking for crystals before I really took the time to think it through and moving over to an area that was much better. As most stories go I wish I had more time but we had to go. (definitely going back next year or maybe next month???) Have to do some more research first though!

Keep hounding Shirley
Andrew Johns Comment by Andrew Johns on September 29, 2020 at 5:10pm
Hi Shirley, how are you? I've had a busy summer as well, if you want to call it summer. It was aweful. I think the first 2 weeks of Sept were the best. I managed to get up to Wilberforce and Bancroft on the Labor day weekend with a fellow Mindat member. We managed to find the Kemp uranium mine and the Rare Earth mine #1 near Tory Hill. Unfortunately the Rare Earth mine was being rehabbed. I will post some pics of the rehab work. We also went the Millar mine in Tory hill as well. Millar's was very busy. Probably 20 or so collectors were there on holiday Monday. I walked to the Silver Crater by myself in Aug and that was a creepy walk. Didn't find much there except for some Mica and Amphibole xls. I am heading back up for one last trip in mid Oct for a couple days before the snow flys. I will post some recent finds today hopefuly.

Keep on Rockin, Andrew.

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